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HF links are the equivalent of a very long-distance microwave segment – a wireless connection stretched between two antennas thousands of kilometers apart.
HF – High-Frequency radio band (also named Shortwave) can cross lands and oceans as it is reflected to earth by layers of the atmosphere.

Raft links connect major exchanges globally with the fastest data speeds available. Raft links are 100% wireless, carrying signals at the speed of light in the air (50% faster than the speed of light through fiber) and taking the shortest path between two points on the globe.

Redefining Low Latency Performance

Transmit Receive Status Raft Link Latency Best Fiber
Chicago Frankfurt In Production Sub 30 ms 36 ms
Chicago London In Production Sub 27 ms 34 ms
Chicago Shanghai In Production Sub 54 ms 69 ms
Chicago Tokyo In Production Sub 42 ms 58 ms
New York Tokyo In Production Sub 53 ms 62 ms
New York London In Production Sub 25 ms 30 ms
London New York In Production Sub 29 ms 30 ms
Tokyo Chicago Upcoming Sub 42 ms 58 ms
London Tokyo Upcoming Sub 50 ms 69 ms

* Future links latency is estimated

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A Bit Faster

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